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Finding The Path To Family Recovery:
Attitudes & Actions
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Presented by Ginny Mills

Ginny has been counseling with adults, adolescents and parents and leading relapse prevention groups for over 25 years. She founded Full Life Counseling & Recovery in 2008. Ginny appreciates that so many parents lack access to hope, education, consultation and support, so she developed Parenting Through Addiction: The Other PTA. Using web-based resources, Ginny is able to honor and respond to parents' needs for hope, guidance, support and community. 
What You'll Learn On This Online Training:
"I'll show you how to feel more confident, less anxious and alone, and better equipped to 'parent through addiction' towards recovery."
"We'll emphasize the VALUE of preserving the opportunity to recreate a healthy relationship with your son or daughter."

"I'll share the framework for my model of family recovery that YOU can implement starting TODAY!"

** Plus - I'll be offering everyone who attends this training an exclusive free offer!
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