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A Message From Ginny

We've created loads of helpful resources to use as you are going through each chapter of the book:

  • Each chapter has Driving Lessons for the parent and the child. You'll get a summary document with all the lessons together.
  • Chapter One- Applying What You’ve Learned about Symptoms
  • Chapter Two-Doing Your Own Research To Identify Treatment Options​
  • Chapter Three-Benefiting from “The Respite”
  • Chapter Four-Collaborating with Professionals for Treatment and Aftercare Decisions
  • Chapter 7-Control Factors in Parenting Through Addiction Toward Recovery
And we are throwing in some bonus content we think will be helpful on your journey
You can access two of our most helpful video Parent Guides

Balancing Boundaries with Compassion

Why Traditional Parenting Methods Don't Work with Addiction

Doug R., New York
The knowledge we gained on how to deal with our son’s addiction during our meetings with Ginny was and remains irreplaceable. Ginny listened to us and helped us to communicate love, compassion and boundaries with our son. She made sure we took care of ourselves. She helped us reach the point where we were able to trust the process. Ginny is so professional, passionate, knowledgeable, calm and truly terrific. ”

Ginny helped save my family...

Ginny Mills Ginny Mills and her staff are extremely caring and helpful. They know what it is like to feel lost, scared, and not know where to turn for help for addiction. They look at each situation, what the immediate needs are, and develop a plan.... Ginny helped save my family and gave us hope again.”

Trish S., North Carolina

About the Author

Ginny H. Mills is a licensed clinical addiction specialist and licensed professional counselor with over 30 years of experience in behavioral health. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wake Forest University and has lived most of her life in North Carolina.

In addition to extensive experience in “front-line” counseling with adolescents and adults, Ginny also served on the NC Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board, served as the Chief Clinical Officer for the Partnership for a Drug-Free NC, and served as the Program Manager for a residential addictions program at the former Wake Forest University Baptist Behavioral Health. :)