Providential Moments

I don’t like to visit with other passengers when I travel. Although I am quite extroverted, there is something about air travel that brings out the rare introvert in me. I get annoyed when people near me talk loudly to each other, and I send non-verbal cues to those sitting near me that I do not wish to converse. But sometimes God has other plans. I call those Providential Moments.

Recently I found myself on an airplane in full-on “stay away from me mode.” But sure enough, the guy beside me wanted to talk. He was in real estate and flying home to see his mother. He was friendly enough though, and so I chose to engage. Since I appreciate that there can always be opportunities to share our experience, strength, and hope in recovery, I decided to tell him about the fellowship of Parenting Through Addiction. He was intrigued and kept asking more and more questions. After a bit, the man in front turned around to say, “I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but I am an addictions counselor myself.” We had a wonderful conversation, and I was able share about our experience with our daughter and how encouraged we are by her recovery. I believe that our story lifted their spirits because ours is – for today – a story that is full of hope. Our story – for today – is grounded in the belief that a full life in recovery is possible and offers evidence that even young adults can choose recovery for themselves.

Recovery challenges me to stay open to opportunities to share our story and to help others connect to resources that could make a big difference in their lives. When I allow myself to consider that God may have other plans, I’m less likely to miss those opportunities.

Today’s Reminder:  We never know the story of the stranger beside us on the airplane, the casual acquaintance at work or church, or even our own close friends and family. Addiction and recovery do not have to be taboo subjects, and I can do my part by staying open to opportunities to share my experience, strength, and hope and invite others to share their stories with me. Every time I demonstrate that it IS a subject I can talk about without shame or guilt, I do my part to change the stigma and help others. That means noticing those Providential Moments – even if it means talking with strangers on a plane.

You can listen to an audio of this devotional at our podcast A Dose of Hope.


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