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We just release a new Parent Guide on the Parenting Through Addiction site entitled, Letting Your Child Live With You During Early Recovery.  In this parent guide, Ginny discusses the pros and cons of deciding to let your child live at home with you during the early months of their recovery. Check it out at the link above.

Just to recap, we now have 20 Parent Guides in the membership area. These are short videos on topics that parents have requested. Here is a quick rundown of what you can find there.

Parent Guide to Understanding Rehab. This parent guide introduces parents to 6 Key Elements for getting the best possible outcome when exploring treatment or rehab. Ginny outlines how to know when, where and how to improve the likelihood that the pursuit of treatment yields the goal of helping the whole family heal from addiction.

Parent Guide: You’re Ready, He’s Not.  This 2-part parent guide gives more attention to the Stages of Change model introduced in the Parent Guide to Understanding Rehab. Part One gives more detail about the Stages of Change model to help parents identify the stage of change their son/daughter is in now (and verify their own readiness for change). Part Two helps parents identify action steps that are in sync with the stage of change of their son/daughter. Parents who found themselves discouraged by the first Key Element described in the Understanding Rehab guide can discover specific ideas, action steps and hope, even for those whose son or daughter is in the pre-contemplative stage of change.

Parent Guide: The River Meditation. Ginny leads you on a guided meditation called The River as a metaphor for your journey with your child especially if they are still resistant to recovery.

 Parent Guide to Balancing Boundaries with Compassion. In this parent guide, Ginny helps parents understand the importance of setting and keeping boundaries with your child struggling with addiction.

Parent Guide to Enabling: What it is and How to Stop Doing it. This parent guide identifies 4 Key Risk Areas for Enabling and both how and why parents can unintentionally make things worse for their substance using sons or daughters. Ginny helps parents identify changes parents can make now that can help motivate their son or daughter to progress in their own readiness to make changes with their substance use.

Parent Guide to Exploring Insurance Coverage for Treatment. In this parent guide, Ginny discusses options for getting your health insurance company to cover in-patient, out-patient treatment and potentially some sober living costs for your son or daughter.

Parent Guide: What About Our Drinking? In this Parent Guide, Ginny discusses the fact that many parents with a son or daughter with substance use issues are drinkers themselves. What are parents to do? Watch this video to get some suggestions from an addiction specialist.

Parent Guide to Sharing Your Story.  In this parent guide, Ginny and Carol Rose discuss the challenge and importance of telling your friends and family about your journey to recover.

Parent Guide to the New Language of Recovery. In this parent guide, Ginny and Carol Rose discuss new terminology being used in the treatment and recovery sector.

Parent Guide to Understanding Medication Assisted Treatment. This is a five-part parent guide that delves deep into what parents needs to understand about the new medicated assisted treatment model.

Parent Guide to Understanding the Pros and Cons of Outpatient Treatment.  In this parent guide, Ginny explains outpatient treatment options and how they compare to in-patient treatment programs.

Parent Guide to Urine Drug Testing.  In this Parent Guide, Ginny discusses the benefits and limitations of urine drug testing, in general and in-home drug testing by parents, in particular.

Parent Guide to Hidden Threats in Early Recovery. In this recording from a weekly on-line Endurance Group, Ginny reviews some of the obstacles and threats parents should watch out for when their son or daughter is in early recovery.

Parent Guide to Treatment Options for Parents with Low Resources.  In this parent guide, Ginny discusses options for finding treatment for those families that lack the financial resources or private insurance coverage to pay for treatment for their son or daughter. This is a segment from the course Getting From Addiction to Admission. That course has additional tools and worksheets available as downloads.

Parent Guide to Holidays in Early Recovery.  In this parent guide, Ginny discusses the challenges families face during the holidays when their son or daughter is in early recovery.


Don’t forget the online Endurance Group meets every Wednesday night at 7:30. This online group is a great place to meet other parents and learn more about how to parent through addiction.


The PTA Team