People Ask Me, "How Did You Get Into This?"

Here's My Story As A Parent Of An Adult Child In Sustained Recovery And An Addiction Professional

I've walked this journey with hundreds of families, I'd be honered to walk alongside your family too. Join Parenting Through Addiction today!

Good parenting doesn't prevent addiction

and bad parenting doesn't cause it

  • You've watched your son's or daughter's substance use go from "typical" to "troublesome" to "scary."

  • You've tried every parenting strategy in your toolbox, but frankly, nothing has worked. 
  • You've explored programs or treatment options, but you're overwhelmed and confused. 
  • You don't want to think it's that bad, but every time you think things are improving, there's another crisis. 

If any of that sounds familiar, then you already know how hard it is for a family to get quality advice and support. That is precisely why we created

Parenting Through Addiction ~ The Other PTA

Parenting Through Addiction provides an affordable, accessible, convenient online way for parents to learn about substance use and how to address it at all stages on the journey.

 Members engage with other parents who understand the full range of emotions; access resources to help know when, how and where to go for treatment; learn through online courses; and get daily inspiration and hopeful engagement.

With the opportunity to learn, connect and identify resources, parents feel more equipped, less alone and better prepared to parent through addiction towards recovery.

PTA is staffed by addiction specialists with 40+ years of experience helping both those who have developed addiction and the families who love them. Ginny and her husband are also proud parents of a daughter in recovery. Having professional knowledge didn't prevent her addiction, but it sure helped them know how to parent on her journey and how to take care of themselves. Ginny and the PTA consulting team work together with parents to help them do the same thing. 

In Parenting Through Addiction, you will discover:


  • Daily Devotional email written by parents, for parents 
  • Inspirational posts on private Facebook group
  • Information on private Facebook group about how to advocate for treatment & recovery policy changes
  • Powerful insights from young adults in recovery, treatment centers and from other parents gathered from surveys

Education & Resources

  • Family education courses for parents at all stages on the journey ~ from discovery all the way through to recovery
  • Parenting Through Your Adult Child's Addiction book
  • Video Parent Guides on topics chosen by parents
  • Eligibility for customized treatment matching services based on your child's needs, preferences and resources


  • Invitation to a closed Facebook group
  • Weekly live, online parent groups
  • Eligibility to participate in family retreats


  • Eligibility for LIVE, online consultation sessions with an assigned family recovery consultant 
  • Individualized assistance with matching your son's or daughter's needs, preferences and resources with appropriate resources
  • Individualized assistance identifying local resources for parents 

Join Parenting Through Addiction

Your membership Includes

Access for the whole family

  • Daily inspirational devotional delivered by email or podcast
  • Weekly online Endurance meetings for parents. It's a great place to connect with other parents who "get it."
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with other parents.
  • Video Courses that will help you Parent Through Addiction. Over 120 hours of content!
  • Short video parent guides on specific topics requested by our members.
  • Parenting Through Your Adult Child's Addiction book.
  • Want More Support! PTA offers a  Consultation Level Memberships to support your family. This membership includes two private consultations with one of our licensed addiction professionals each month and more .  Click Here to learn more!

$49.95/ month

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