Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You've watched your son or daughter's substance use go from "typical" to "troublesome" to "downright scary."
  • You've tried consequences, gotten into "the spy game" to confirm your suspicions, waffled between practicing Tough Love and rescuing, and maybe even just started giving in so they'll be safe. But frankly, nothing is working.
  • You've explored drug and alcohol treatment, but you're overwhelmed and mystified by all the options, costs, and general lack of information available.

  If it any of that sounds familiar, then you already know how hard it is for a family to get quality advice and support. And that is precisely why we created Parenting Through Addiction Towards Recovery ~ The Other PTA.

Accessible, affordable professional information, resources & the opportunity to connect with both professionals and other parents on the same journey.

Parenting Through Addiction is a Membership Community for parents like you.

We are addiction specialists with 25+ years of experience helping both those who have developed addiction and the families who love them. And we're also parents of a daughter in recovery. Having professional knowledge didn't prevent her addiction, but it sure helped us know how to parent on her journey and to know how to take care of ourselves. 

We've helped thousands of parents grow in their understanding of substance use, addiction and recovery. As dangerous addiction rates with adolescents and young adults rise to an all-time high, we know it is a critical time to help parents everywhere get the same support and information we've shared with countless others. 

If you're like most parents we've worked with, it's likely that you are:  

  • Looking for answers. You may even be struggling to know the right questions to ask! 
  • Wanting to know what to do to help reduce the impact of substance use on your child and your family
  • Feeling more and more isolated as you pull away from old friends and family, avoid going out on weekends or taking vacations, and increasingly reluctant to share what's going on in your family​
  • Getting more and more afraid as you watch and wait for the "rock bottom" you hope will finally get your child's attention 
Linda B.

Ginny brings warmth, strength, and hope to the most difficult circumstances. She doesn't give false hope or sugar coat a situation, instead, using her profound knowledge and ability to communicate clearly with love, she lays out a plan and walks with you toward better days. The advise she gives is not always easy to hear, or, her directions easy to take, however, she patiently encourages until progress is consistent. Most amazingly, Ginny offers has a unique ability to give hope to the hopeless and bring them to a place where they can once again love themselves. I can recommend Ginny without reservation." 

Teresa G.

Ginny Mills and her staff are extremely caring and helpful. They know what it is like to feel lost, scared, and not know where to turn for help for addiction, whether for yourself or for a family member. They look at each situation, what the immediate needs are, and develop a plan that can include a needs assessment, intervention, treatment options, and individual counseling and coaching. Full Life also has support groups available for those in recovery and for parents whose children are both active in addiction or in recovery. I am so grateful. Ginny helped save my family and gave us hope again."


Members of The Other PTA get access to courses that can help their family understand the challenges facing their child suffering from addiction.


Members of the other PTA get access to an exclusive Treatment Center Directory that provides exhaustive detail, including costs, for treatment.


Members of the Other PTA can access our private Facebook group, an online forum, plus participate in live online training with other parents.

Who's Behind Parenting Through Addiction?

Ginny Mills, MAEd, LPC-S, LCAS CSI – Founder & Clinical Director of Full Life Counseling & Recovery

Ginny has been counseling with adults, adolescents, parents and leading relapse prevention groups for over 25 years. She has been the driving force behind Full Life Counseling & Recovery since its inception in 2008. Parenting Through Addiction membership enables Ginny and her team to offer support, education, guidance and hope to families everywhere.

Often family members experience great fear and confusion about how to respond to substance use or other self-destructive behaviors. Conventional wisdom that “you have to wait for them to hit bottom” is powerful, yet families suffer greatly watching and waiting for that proverbial “bottom.”​ We believe that better informed families -- families that understand addiction and recovery -- can make better decisions about when to take action, what action to take, and where to go for help.

Parenting Through Addiction Towards Recovery can help parents and families develop that understanding through courses, community, staying abreast of the latest research, recognizing advocacy opportunities and finding a tribe of other parents who "get it."

Teresa S.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for what the staff has done to facilitate a life-saving transformation in my daughter. In a field where many programs make promises, it has been my experience that it is rare to experience a program that consistently applies recovery principles across the board. My daughter is a miracle today living a joyful recovery centered life and I could not be more grateful."

Here are some of the resources, tools and support available to members of

The Other PTA

    • Daily Inspirational Devotion
    • Substance Use, Addiction and Recovery Mini-Course
    • Closed Facebook group
    • Private online community forum for parents 
    • Families Recover: Family education courses
    • Treatment center matching consultation
    • Twice monthly private family consultation with ginny
    • Parenting Through Addiction Monthly Newsletter
    • Understanding Treatment and Aftercare Ebook
    • Weekly online parent education & support classes
    • Video Parent Guides on topics chosen by parents
    • Meditation mini-course
    • Exclusive Treatment Center Directory
    • Weekend family retreats
    Susan B.

    "I definitely would recommend Ginny to families dealing with addiction & all the chaos associated with it. She knows her stuff!"


Here are some frequently asked questions by parents like you

I know my son is using, and there have been SOME problems, but how can I know if this is really addiction? If it's not, is this site really for me?

My son has been to the same treatment center 3 times, and it just didn't work. Why should I even consider spending all that money again?

I have completed the family program at 3 different treatment centers already. So it seems like I've already learned everything there is to know about all this. Is there a way that I can just access the support aspects without having to pay for the course?

I feel really uncomfortable with groups, and I definitely don't want to be a "member" of a club for parents with addicted kids. I know my kid has a drug problem, but why would I want join The Other PTA? 

Can we get personalized, private services just for our family or do we have to pose all our questions as part of the membership community?

I've kicked my daughter out of our home because of her addiction. I just couldn't take it anymore! At this point, I've given up hope that she even CAN recover. Under those circumstances, how can membership help me?

Can I change membership levels as my needs change?

Is any of this covered by insurance?

Parenting Through Addiction will Open to New Members on April 3, 2017 at 9 AM


Get Instant Access to Parenting Through Addiction 

On April 3, 2017 you can get the support, education, coaching and resources your family needs to manage your life on this journey toward recovery, then choose your level of membership, click the "Join Now" button, and we'll see you inside.


  • Daily Inspirational Devotion
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • 5-session Parent Mini-Course
  • Understanding Addiction Treatment & Aftercare eBook
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • Eligibility for Family Retreats



& Community

  • All Benefits of Inspiration Level
  • Weekly Online Parent Education & Support Classes
  • Professionally moderated private Community Forum
  • Video Parent Guides
  • 10% Discount on Family Consultation Sessions
  • Parent Guide:  How to Choose a Treatment Center & Pay for Treatment & Aftercare

$29 / month


& Community

  • All Benefits of Education Level 
  • 12-session Family Education Courses
  • 4-Session Meditation Mini-Course
  • Access to our proprietary Treatment Center Directory with comprehensive clinical, financial and facility details 
  • 20% Discount on online Family Consultation Sessions
  • 20% Discount on Family Retreats

$59/ month


& Community

  • All Benefits of Resource Level
  • Customized Treatment Matching Consultation
  • Twice Monthly online Family Consultation Sessions with Ginny
  • 30% Discount on Family Retreats
  • 30% Discount on additional online Family Consultation Sessions

$299 / month

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience at Parenting Through Addiction, just let us know and we will gladly refund your investment for the last 30 day period of your membership.