Parenting Through Addiction and Harbor Moon Recovery

Offer Innovative Solution for Parents

This is NOT your first rodeo!

Harbor Moon Recovery offers your son a level of sustained engagement, accountability, and hope for recovery to help him finally establish a recovery foundation strong enough to support a full life in recovery.

It is highly likely that you have engaged in family education programs with one or more treatment programs, only to experience discouragement in the days, weeks or months that followed your son’s discharge. That is because family education programs teach families about the disease of addiction (aka “the problem”) and the process of recovery (aka “the solution”) for your son. Those lessons are important but they are insufficient for you to know how to support your son’s movement through the 8 stages of recovery.

Detox, residential treatment and even 90 days of sober living with extended care are just the beginning!

By choosing to work with Harbor Moon Recovery,

you have come to respect how important it is for your son to have more sustained support.

By choosing to work with Parenting Through Addiction,

you will come to respect how important it is for YOU to have more sustained support too.

If your family has not had the opportunity to experience “a full life in recovery” with a sustained recovery program, then the opportunity is now for everyone to experience a whole NEW rodeo!

Parenting Through Addiction provides an affordable, accessible, convenient way for parents to learn how to address substance use and support recovery at all stages on the journey. Using a variety of online resources, members engage with other parents who understand the full range of emotions; access resources to help know how to respond when their child is in treatment or sober living; learn through online courses; and get daily inspiration and hopeful, personalized engagement. With the opportunity to use online tools to learn, connect and identify resources, parents feel more equipped, less alone, and better prepared to parent through addiction towards recovery.

Families have three options for engagement with Parenting Through Addiction.....

Best suited for self-disciplined families who will apply key concepts from self-directed and group learning in lieu of personalized instruction and consultation



Access for the whole family

  • Daily inspirational email
  • Weekly online Endurance Meeting
  • Private FB group
  • 120 hours of video education
  • Worksheets and tools
Best suited for families who feel confident that their son is fully-engaged and making progress but not preparing for transition out of structured services in the next 30 days


Includes everything in Education and Community, plus...

  • One, one-on-one, private parent consultations with an addiction specialist each month

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