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How to Effectively Parent Your Adult Child Through Their Addiction…

An Addiction Specialist and a Parent Can Help You Make Sense of Treatment, Aftercare and Recovery Recommendation

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Ginny H. Mills MAED., LCAS, LPCS

Family Recovery Specialist

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Inside The Book, You'll Learn Strategies To Make Sense Of What Is Happening With Your Child,


  • Page 10: "Is it really addiction?" How to know if your son or daughter's use is typical adolescent exploration or serious enough to need professional treatment.
  • Page 21:  You'll be able to compare the disease of addiction with other common conditions to better understand what to expect. 
  • Page 27: Learn where to get reliable, objective information for choosing a drug and alcohol treatment program for your son or daughter.
  •  Page 33: Residential Treatment Basics - What you really need to know before admitting your son or daughter to treatment.
  • Page 38: The importance of sober fun!  Help your child realize they can have fun, have friends and have a life without using drugs.
  • Page 42: Get an inside look at a typical day in residential treatment and grasp how that compares to an outpatient experience.
  • Page 48: Preparing For Discharge - The ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL steps you need to take to prepare yourself and your family for the next phase of treatment and recovery.
  • Page 52: Aftercare Options - How to decide between the many aftercare options when your son or daughter graduates from treatment.
  • Page 58: The Five Different Types and Options For Sober Living - Learn the differences, what you're paying for, and examples of specific programs at each level. 
  • Page 61:  When to Pay Extra - How to know whether paying more for a sober living home is worth the higher cost.
  • Page 66: Understand your unique role in sustaining recovery for your child.
  • Page 71: Five real-life examples to help you discover where your son or daughter may be on their journey from addiction toward recovery.
  • Page 83: Five real-life corresponding parents and their journey of how they responded to their child's situation.
  • And at the end of every chapter, KEY INSIGHTS to help you and your child.                                      

What People Are Saying

"When our son was struggling with addiction we did not realize the best way to help him was by helping ourselves. Through Parenting Through Addiction and Ginny Mills we were able to learn more about addiction as well as specific ways to handle certain situations and talk to our child. Especially important was learning how to do things together as a team."

Glenn F., GA

"Working with Ginny was one of the most helpful parts of our recovery experience as a family. We have had many counselors throughout the years and Ginny, by far, has been the most helpful to us, as parents. It is so helpful to know that we can continue working with Ginny even as our son transitions from one program to another."

Jeff C., TN

"The knowledge we gained on how to deal with our son's Addiction during our meetings with Ginny was and remains irreplaceable. Ginny listened to us and helped us to communicate love, compassion and boundaries with our son. She made sure we took care of ourselves. She helped us reach the point where we were able to trust the process. Ginny is so professional, passionate, knowledgeable, calm and truly terrific. “

Doug R., NY

"The insights and information in this book helped me move from free floating anxiety to a basic understanding of what's involved in recovery. Most people with a friend or family member suffering from addiction could profit from reading this primer, but it is designed especially for families actively seeking professional guidance. Instead of quoting experts, internet links are provided, so there's a lot more content than you might expect in a relatively short book."

Gloria F., NC

Why Listen To Ginny About Parenting Your Adult Child With Addiction?

Ginny Mills, MAEd, LPC-S, LCAS, LPC-S, CCS – Best selling Author, Founder & Clinical Director of Full Life Counseling and Recovery, Founder and Lead Parent Consultant of Parenting Through Addiction.

Ginny has served adults, adolescents and parents and led relapse prevention groups for over 25 years. She has managed a residential treatment program, owned and operated as sober living program, currently owns and leads an outpatient program, facilitates Love First-model interventions, and works closely with parents every single day. She has been the driving force behind Full Life Counseling & Recovery since its inception in 2008. She is both an addiction specialist and a parent of a young adult daughter in sustained recovery. That means that she has both walked with hundreds (if not thousands) of parents on this journey, but has also had her own journey as a parent. She has had those restless nights, afraid of getting another middle-of-the-night phone call. She has watched her daughter's struggles in recovery and experienced that challenge of "staying in her lane" despite her professional knowledge. She knows that her experience only validates what she has always believed. "Good parenting doesn't prevent addiction, and bad parenting doesn't cause it. Using drugs or alcohol causes addiction, and our job as parents is to respond responsibly, assertively and sanely. The best way to do that is to become equipped with strategies, information, resources and support."

When you get the book with this special offer, You'll get a 30-day free look at Parenting Through Addiction. Membership in PTA enables Ginny and her team to offer both general and personalized help in the form of consultation, support, education, and hope. "Often family members experience great fear and confusion about how to respond to substance use or other self-destructive behaviors. Conventional wisdom that “you have to wait for them to hit bottom” is powerful, yet families suffer greatly watching and waiting for that proverbial “bottom.” We believe that better informed families -- families that understand addiction and recovery -- can make better decisions about when to take action, what action to take, and where to go for help."

Reading Parenting Through Your Adult Child's Addiction can help you begin to develop that understanding. By joining Parenting Through Addiction online, you can learn more, find a tribe of other parents who "get it," and ask the questions that invariably come up along the way.  

Whether You're Still Trying to Determine if It's Addiction or You're Sure It's Addiction But at Your Wits End to Know What to do About it, Let's Connect.

Despite What "They" Say, There Really Are Things You Can Do to Help Parent Through Addiction, Towards Recovery. I'd be Honored to Help You Navigate the Addiction and Recovery Road Ahead. 


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Praise for Ginny and Parenting Through Addiction......


"Ginny and her staff are extremely caring and helpful. They know what it is like to feel lost, scared, and not know where to turn for help for addiction. They look at each situation, what the immediate needs are, and develop a plan...Ginny helped save our family and gave us hope again. "

Trish S., NC


"Ginny Mills helped me as a pastor understand practical aspects of helping families  who struggle with addiction. Her insights on how to encourage parents, while providing solid guidance to individuals, has been a strong resource in my ministry. I am very grateful for this book. It has become the most practical resource to share with others struggling through the journey of addiction recovery. It provides keen insight along with practical steps. She offers information specific to parents as well as individuals working to overcome addiction. The best aspect of this resource is how it can help pastors (or other unlicensed counselors) to grasp the uniqueness of the journey of addiction recovery for both individuals and their family and friends.

Neil R., NC


Because of our work with Ginny, we went from lacking confidence and feeling confused and afraid to feeling much more confident and well-equipped to respond to our son along his recovery journey, no matter what twists and turn could lie ahead."

Suzanne F, GA

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