Getting Started with Parenting Through Addiction

To help improve the likelihood of a smooth transition from primary treatment to sober living, we invite you to watch these preliminary videos and complete the companion worksheets to apply the information to your family's situation.

Here's What You Should Do Next

Join in for the Endurance Group on Wednesdays, 7:30-9pm: This online group is part education, part support with other parents on the journey. It is very small at this point but will grow after the launch next week, for sure. To access it, you will need to go to and click to Join a Meeting. You will be asked to put in a Meeting ID, so use 146-388-459. You will be asked to register the first time you join a meeting, but after that, you will go right in. You may be asked for a password, and if so, use the word Recovery. You will end up downloading Zoom onto your device, so you will enter the meeting by going through that app. I hope you can join us this week, but if not, we look forward to having you join the group next week.

Private consulting appointment: go to to choose a consulting time. We can meet through one of 3 platforms: Facetime, Zoom or VSee. VSee is the only HIPAA-compliant one of those, and that matters much more to some people than others. You'll get very comfortable with Zoom through the Endurance Group participation, but if you prefer to use VSee or even Facetime for our time together, it's up to you. If you want to use VSee, you'll need to download that onto your device as well. Here's the link for that:

Facebook: If you are on Facebook and want to join the private group, search for the group in the search window - Parenting Through Addiction (the private group) and ask to join. We will add you, and you can start connecting with some other parents. If, for some reason it won't let you, it may require you to send a friend request first. If so, search for Ginny's professional profile - Ginny H. Mills - and she'll approve you then add you to the private group.

Hopefully you have watched the first preliminary video above before the transition to sober living, and we hope you'll catch the second preliminary video early on as well. By learning about the differences between primary treatment providers and aftercare providers, you'll feel more prepared and have a better understanding of what to expect at the next stage on the journey. So we invite you to watch the next video and complete the companion worksheet to explore how it applies to your family. Then stay tuned for what comes next!