Here are some additional frequently asked question by parents just like you

Can you help me with a treatment referral even though we're not in the same state? What about an interventionist? 

I have completed the family program at 3 different treatment centers already. So it seems like I've already learned everything there is to know about all this. Is there a way that I can just access the support aspects without having to pay for the course

I feel really uncomfortable with groups, and I definitely don't want to be a "member" of a club for parents with addicted kids. I know my kid has a drug problem, but why would I want join The Other PTA?

Can we get personalized, private services just for our family or do we have to pose all our questions as part of the membership community?

I've kicked my daughter out of our home because of her addiction. I just couldn't take it anymore! At this point, I've given up hope that she even CAN recover. Under those circumstances, how can membership help me?

Can I change membership levels as my needs change?

Is this covered by insurance?

How can I convince my son to get "on board" with me? 

How can I connect with the therapy part? 

I'm a little confused about who you specialize in helping? Just kids under 18? What about those who don't live at home any more or those who have co-occurring disorders? 

My child is in crisis right now? Can you really help me?