You’re Not Sure It’s Addiction


Course Overview:

We know that not all substance use progresses towards addiction, yet parents who discover substance use by their teens and young adults are alarmed and eager to take action. This course helps parents take action by learning about substance use and the brain, identifying and reducing enabling behaviors, and learning to actively take care of themselves. While there is no blood test, scan or x-ray to definitively diagnose addiction in its early stages, these strategies can make it a little easier to tolerate the test of time until the answer is more clear to the big question – Is this addiction? Parents learn how to respond appropriately during that time of uncertainty.

1. Understanding Progression from Use to Addiction

2. Recognizing Risk and Protective Factors

3. The Adolescent Brain

4. Enabling

5. The River Meditation

6. Preparing For a Crisis

7. Practicing Self-Care​

We recommend that you complete these lessons in order, perhaps more than once. It is not necessary to watch, listen and read the parent guide since it is all the same. Just choose the delivery method that you prefer. We really encourage you to complete the written reflection materials with each lessons as a way to really reflect on how the lesson applies to your family’s situation.